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Q&A with Singer, Songwriter, Dad – Kevin Griffin

Recently we were contacted by a reader named Kevin Griffin who pointed us to a song he recorded about his daughter Cici and wondered if it warranted a blog post on Well, we like to reward people who are outgoing and we really have no limitations on what we blog about, and getting to know how other Dads balance their lives is part of our mission. So without further background, here is an online Q&A session with singer, songwriter, and dad, Kevin Griffin.

Q: In your song “Cici“, the chorus revolves around your daughter’s “shimmy” – can you describe her shimmy?

Kevin Griffin: Cici’s shimmy started at about 18 months. It starts in her shoulders and she pulls her arms close to her sides. But what it’s really about is that she really likes music and as a singer/song writer, that meant a lot to me. Not to mention, it was hilarious to watch her shake her shoulders and wiggle her hips.

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Q: While there are numerous joys of fatherhood that would compel someone to write a song about their children, what specifically inspired you to sit down and write a song about your daughter?

KG: I think I’m just that kind of songwriter. I don’t travel too far. The one rule I’ve always stuck to in songwriting is to never preach. And I guess that has sort of translated in to taking from my life and building stories or songs out of who I know, what I’ve done and the people that inspire me. And Cici definitely inspires me.

Q: Does your daughter like the song?

KG: Yeah, she does and that’s kind of cool in itself.

Q: How long have you been writing, performing, playing music?

KG: I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years and playing out for the last 10 or so.

Q: Who are some of the musicians or bands that you listen to and draw inspiration from when you write your music?

KG: I kind of joke that I want to write songs like Paul Simon, sing like Marvin Gaye and be cool like Johnny Cash.

Q: How do you juggle your responsibilities in life and find time to pursue music composition, practicing, performing, etc.?

KG: It’s hard. I play out a lot less than I did before I started a family. But I never plan on stopping. It just becomes a part of the bigger picture. I also have a full time day job like most working artists. It’s tough to sustain a family, mortgage and heath insurance on a folk singer salary.

Q: What was the most surprising aspect of parenthood?

KG: I think the most surprising thing is how much fun you can have with your kids. Cici is a little person. And I’ve watched her get through her first 3 and half years. She cracks me up. She’s also brave. Shy. Dramatic. She’s just so Cici.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of parenthood?

KG: Parenthood should change you. And sometimes that change is really scary. I can’t just tell my boss where he can shove his job. I can’t just take off to Vegas and blow a week’s pay. I can make new music. It just takes longer. Parenthood sometimes feels claustrophobic. And you don’t really know that until you get here.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of parenthood?

KG: Cici said to my wife, “Mom, when I go to sleep, my heart thinks about your heart.” I mean, come on.

Q: Do you plan to write more songs about your children?

KG: I know that my wife and kids will always be in my songs. I just don’t really know how. And now that my second daughter Siena is here, I’m pretty sure I’ll be working on that song soon.

Q: Where are you based and where do you typically perform live?

KG: I’m born and raised in the Greater Boston Area. I play mostly in Boston and across the river in Cambridge, MA (Harvard, and MIT area). But I’ve played in New York and around New England.

Kevin Griffin

About Kevin Griffin

Kev picked up the guitar when was 21. He needed 2 credits to graduate college so he took a guitar lesson. And he’s done a heck of a lot more with that class than he did with Chaucer. Kev tells stories. As simply as possible. He’s been told he sounds like Dylan, but he doesn’t. Or Springsteen but not really. He thinks he sounds like Paul Simon and Johnny Cash sitting around a campfire playing each others’ songs. But he could be wrong about that too. At his best, Kev pretty much sounds like Kev, warm, friendly, fired up and self-deprecating.

With two small daughters at home, Kev plays in and around New England but don’t be surprised if you see him in a couple of the singer songwriter clubs in NYC.

To find out more about Kevin Griffin:

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