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Infant Bouncy Chair – A Must Have

Newborn babies are delicate – if you are a new or expectant father, hopefully you know this already.  When you first get home from the hospital you will jump at every cough, sneeze, and cry.  You may think that your best bet will be to hold the baby at all times, because really, where are you going to put her?

Well, one place that can prove very helpful is an infant bouncy chair.

Infant Bouncy Chair - A Must Have

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

A few highlights:

  • Safety - the layout of the chair ensures that an infant will rest comfortably and leaning back.  Babies do not tend to roll over for at least 4 or 5 months, so you will not need to worry about them rolling out of this thing.  Plus there are belt straps that keep the little bugger snugged tight.
  • Comfort - always look for a bouncy chair that has a vibration component.  You flip this switch on and the chair vibrates, and as we all know, babies like vibration, especially for sleeping.
  • Entertainment - The crossbar of hanging toys and lights will probably not register with your child for a couple of months until their vision kicks in, but once they can see this and knock the toys with their hands, it has the potential to be a great distraction.
  • Convenience - This chair is very light-weight and you can literally pickup the chair with the baby in it and move around.  The manual tells you not to do this, but unless you are a complete idiot, you can probably handle this maneuver.

Practical Use Examples:

  • Shower Companion – No, not physically in the shower.  When I was alone watching my daughter during the first few months and needed to shower, I would toss her in this chair, plant it on the floor in the bathroom and jump in the shower.  I could see her the whole time, she was safe and entertained, and it enabled me to get clean.
  • Dinner Preparation – If I was trying to cook Mom a dinner (give her a break in the beginning), I plopped my daughter in the bouncy chair and sat her in the dining room within eye-shot while I was chopping and cooking.
  • Sleeping - During the first few weeks we tried numerous places for her to get uninterrupted periods of sleep.  The bouncy chair ended up being one of the more productive napping destinations, and for this I am forever grateful to the bouncy chair.

Infant Bouncy Chairs – A Must Have

We recommend: Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

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