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Buy a “Push Present”: A Note to Expecting Fathers

pushpresentThe days and weeks leading up to your wife’s due date can be a very stressful time for expecting fathers. While you’re running around like a maniac getting last minute items and assembling different equipment, the mom-to-be is probably propped on a couch overheated, hungry, tired, and pissed off at you for something.  She needs proper tending and you need to get things in order – a tough balance.

As you’re running down your checklists, be sure to add one very important line item – buy your wife a “Push Present.”

What’s a Push Present?

Perhaps some might think of this as a vulgar phrase, but a “Push Present” is the nickname given to the almost-mandatory gift that a husband should buy for his wife to, in essence, “reward” her for battling through the pains of childbirth.

Now, I use terms like “reward” lightly, because I don’t want it to come across that a push present trivializes the labor process for women or in some way eradicates the hours of pain and lasting physical effects.

Instead, let’s think of the phrase and the gift as a positive reinforcement of a woman’s elevated role on earth and the extreme honor bestowed upon her to brining a new life into the world.  (Note to soon-to-be Dad reading this post: write down that last sentence to score some extra points on delivery day)

Why is a Push Present important?

The first 24 to 48 hours after your wife gives birth, a wide range of emotions will be flying through the air.  One minute you’re in a euphoric state, the next you’re in a panic about being a parent, the next you’re close to arguing with your wife about properly supporting the baby’s head.

During all of this, it’s important to remember that your wife, and more specifically, her body, just went through one of the most anatomically traumatic exercises known in the human race.  Top this with her crazy spiking hormones and the emotional implications of birth, chances are that you will need to step up your game and be extra supportive.

Besides not being an ass, showing extra care for the newborn, and tending to your wifes every request, the presentation of a “push present” will add that extra comfort your wife will love.  Plus, it makes you look like a freakin’ prince.

Choosing a Push Present

Typically, the easiest path for picking a push present is in the jewelry category.  Even if your wife is not big into jewelry (as is mine), this can still be the right direction.

Since I was working a full-time job and prepping the house for go-day, I decided that finding a nice necklace online was the quickest and easiest approach for buying a push present.  I chose to go with Blue Nile (, as their prices and selection seemed to fit my wallet and needs.

Push Present Tips:

  • No Rings - Try to find a necklace or bracelet that will match your wife’s taste.  Don’t go with a ring, as her fingers will still be swollen from the pregnancy and you want her to be able to wear the present upon receipt.
  • Birthstones - Purchase a piece of jewelry with a birth stone matching your newborn’s birth month.  This will add some additional character and sentimental value to the present.  Blue Nile has a page displaying the different birthstones and linking directly to their inventory for each stone –
  • Purchase Timing – Continuing from the previous tip about birthstones, obviously, if you’re wife’s due date is towards the beginning or end of a month, it may be hard to guess what will ultimately be the correct birthstone for your child.  If you’re in this position, you may want to consider buying two presents – one for each respective birthstone – and returning the one that will go unused.  I have not done this personally, so you should check on return policies with whichever vendor you choose.
  • From the Baby - To really put her over the edge, wrap the present and fill-out a card signed from your newborn baby.  This will take some additional planning to ensure you have a blank card to fill-in your son or daughter’s name once it has been decided, but it will definitely add more sentimental value to the gift.

5 Responses to “Buy a “Push Present”: A Note to Expecting Fathers”

  1. Mrs. Gap says:

    Great article! I didn’t know you shopped with Blue Nile! So do I

  2. Lola says:

    Great, one more way to drive home the idea that materialism is all we’re about. Isn’t having a child in and of itself the greatest gift between two loving parents? Why do we have to commercialize it by demanding or expecting “push presents”? The days of the ME ME ME generation have gotten them where? In debt, foreclosed on, facing financial ruin. And still we’re ALL about adding more STUFF to our lives? Get real people! That new child you’re holding … THAT is the gift. Show some gratitude and happiness for what really matters; the life you just created, not more bling and stuff crammed into your lives.

  3. Max says:

    I thought this was great, doesn’t have to be “pricey” or materialistic Lola ;)
    I got my wife a rocking chair, and had so she could be comfortable while nursing/reading to the baby, and I have a friend that recorded themselves reading a book to the baby. present doesn’t always equal “$” or useless expenditures, it can be useful, thoughtful and helpful!

  4. Abby says:

    Great ideas! I chose to go with Juno Lucina, I found that their jewelry was more meaningful and symbolic. It was truly genuine for that exact moment. Their website is if any daddies to be are looking!

    • Mike says:

      Abby, I assume you’re a lesbian whose wife was giving birth? Otherwise I’m not sure why you’d be “choosing to go with” a particular retailer unless you were picking out your own push present (in which case you’re a terrible human being).

      I’d assume that Abby is just doing some advertising for Juno Lucina, which appears to be a company that just preys on our terrible culture of materialism (more power to them).

      I agree with Max. Get something practical and/or meaningful. Don’t spend a lot on more “stuff.” Like lola said, the gift is YOUR CHILD. Even a heartfelt, hand written card seems better than just buying some jewelry.

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