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Air Travel with Milk or Formula

Air travel with an infant or a toddler who is still drinking milk or formula can be stressful, so here are some tips after having travelled on multiple flights with my daughter before she turned 2 years old:

Yes, You Can Pass Through Security with Breast Milk or Formula – Normally, air travellers cannot carry any type of consumable liquid through the security checkpoint and are required to dispose of it prior.  However, breast milk, baby formula, and even juice are an exception (see FAA website for exact details)

Make It Known – Announce to the TSA personnel that you have breast milk or formula – this will avoid any confusion and unneeded scrutiny later.

Prepare for Additional Screening – Typically, after the bag/cooler containing the formula/milk travels through the security scanner, a TSA official will screen the bag further.  The TSA may test the liquid, but according to their website, “you or your infant or toddler will not be asked to test or taste breast milk, formula, or juice.”

Coolers - Since you can travel with breast milk or formula, yes you can also travel with a small, collapsible cooler bag & icepacks to keep the liquid cool and to avoid spoiling.  Again, typically passengers cannot travel with coolers, but this is an exception for people travelling with small children.

Pack Powder or Just Buy It Near The Gate – Clearly, this does not pertain to breast milk, but if you’re baby is drinking formula, then try to travel with just powder.  This will still need to be announced to security and they may test it, but at least you’re not worrying about coolers and liquids when running through security.  Most ariport terminals have some type of vendor near the gate where you could buy bottled water, or use a water fountain to fill up the bottle.  Additionally, many stores on the terminal side will have Milk available.

Heating the Bottle – If you’re in the terminal, I suggest going to a coffee establishment (Starbucks, et al) and request a cup of hot water, filled halfway.  Usually they will do this for free.   Once you’re on the plane,

Be Organized - If you’re travelling with a baby, it will be hectic, there’s no avoiding it.  The feedings add a different level to the stress, so try to be organized with a good cooler, a good plan, and try to investigate what’s available at the airport near the gate.

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  1. While traveling with a baby , It will be hectic ,there’s no avoiding it.And the feedings and a different level to stress , so try to be a good cooler , and a good plan and try to investigate for the who is available at the airport near the gate.

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